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DNEBA Enterprises specializes in designing websites to be accessible to users with visual, motor, and other disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 defines disability as “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities.” The US Census Bureau has data showing that nearly 30% of American families report having at least one member with some sort of disability.

Such disabilities can easily interfere with users’ ability to take advantage of the resources of the Internet. Federal law requires that all governmental websites be accessible to people with disabilities. Academic, nonprofit, and other organizations are accepting the challenge of providing accessible websites to their users. DNEBA Enterprises can help.

Users with Visual Disabilities

Partially Sighted Users

Most partially sighted users are able to use a modern graphical web browser to access the Internet simply by increasing the size of the text on the screen. We design websites to accommodate the possibility of such an increase. All modern browsers should be capable of providing larger text, unless the website design prevents it.

Blind Users

Blind users need assistive technology to use the Internet. Speech browsers can use synthesized speech to read the text on a webpage out loud. Text-only browsers like Lynx, available for free, can be used along with a text-to-speech program. We design websites which allow these kinds of browsers to function effectively at providing information and permitting navigation.

Some speech browsers function as add-ons to a conventional browser; others operate as stand-alone programs. Some speech browsers are free; others cost sums of money ranging from nominal to very large. The most expensive programs tend to offer more options, but some free or inexpensive programs are perfectly usable, so long as websites are designed to allow their effective use.

Users with Motor Disabilities

Users with motor disabilities have difficulty with the fine motor movements necessary with using a mouse. We design websites to allow navigation via the keyboard insofar as possible.

Users with Other Disabilities

Another disability which is often overlooked, though it affects as many as 8% of men, is color blindness. Our design does not depend on users’ distinguishing among colors that may be indistinguishable.

It is harder, but still not impossible, for good web design to accommodate users with various learning, mental, or emotional conditions that interfere with their ability to use the Internet effectively. But the clear, consistent, and purposeful design which we provide helps these users (as well as others) to focus on the task at hand, and thus to have a satisfying experience while using a website.

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