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Design Principles

We believe that web design must follow industry standards.

We design websites to follow industry-wide design standards, as set by W3C, which describes its mission as “to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability.” More information about these intentions can be found at the Web Standards Project.

Following these standards is the best way to minimize interference from cross-browser differences. Even though various browsers do differ in their fidelity to and interpretation of these standards, all modern browsers should be able to provide reasonably similar renderings of standards-based websites.

Among these standards are:
   separating content from layout of that content;
   using valid markup; and
   using stylesheets to control layout.

We believe that good, standards-based design makes websites effective.

We do not think that the constraints of standards make good design impossible, though they may make it more difficult. Our portfolio shows examples of the clean and effective design DNEBA Enterprises is capable of.


We believe that web design must be fluid.

Web documents are not print documents, fixed forever on a sheet of paper. The appearance of a web document is dependent on many factors which are not under the control of the designer:
   the kind of browser being used;
   the size of the window in which the document is being viewed; and
   the size of the text in the window, which is normally adjustable by the user.

Given all these variables, no two users are likely to view a web document in the exact same way. Therefore, we design websites to be fluid. This kind of design insures that every user has an equivalent experience, and maintains the effectiveness of a document for every user.

We believe that websites must be accessible to all.

See our discussion of accessibility for more information about this critical element of effective websites.

We believe that correctness is essential.

Nothing in a web document makes a bad impression more quickly than an error in grammar, spelling, or syntax. Such errors never occur in websites designed by DNEBA Enterprises.

We believe in using visual elements only when they are purposeful.

Although we know that a visual presentation of material can be extremely powerful, we use visual elements on websites only when there are no other equally effective ways to convey information. Users who may be accustomed to seeing text or pictures jumping around or flashing may have overlooked some of the problems inherent in using such visual elements:
   they often distract a user from important content;
   they make web pages much slower to load; and
   they are seldom valid under industry standards.

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